[PGP002] PSYS Liquidity Incentives breakdown

PGP002 - PSYS Liquidity Incentives breakdown

General Project Information

PGP002 - Pegasys Governance Proposal #002

Proposal Title: PSYS Liquidity Incentives breakdown

Proposer: Pegasys Core Team

Project Manager: @kek



We are back with our second governance proposal, an exciting and crucial step to strategically grow the Pegasys ecosystem. With Rollux now live, and our ecosystem positioned competitively in the DeFi landscape, the need for clarity and structure in our liquidity incentives has never been more vital. In this proposal, we outline the meticulous distribution plan for the 1.5M PSYS dedicated to liquidity incentives, ensuring transparency and community engagement in every step of this journey.


This governance proposal PGP002 is centered around the allocation and distribution of 1.5 million PSYS tokens earmarked for liquidity incentives over a four-month period. These tokens will be meticulously allocated to specific liquidity pools to enhance liquidity, promote balanced growth, and foster increased engagement and participation in the Pegasys ecosystem.

The 1.5 million PSYS tokens originate from the strategic allocation defined in our tokenomics and detailed in our litepaper. Our comprehensive tokenomics structure ensures that specific tokens are reserved and strategically deployed to support and sustain various aspects of the Pegasys ecosystem, from operations to incentives, community building, and beyond.

The distribution is set to commence on October 25th, with subsequent allocations occurring on the 25th of each month, culminating in January. Every month, a total of 375,000 PSYS will be injected into the liquidity pools, with the allocation broken down as follows:

Monthly Allocation:


The strategic allocation of these tokens is designed to bolster liquidity across key pools, ensuring a balanced and robust ecosystem. By diversifying the allocation across four pivotal pools, we aim to mitigate concentration risk, encourage a broad-based participation, and foster an environment where traders and investors can engage with confidence due to enhanced liquidity and reduced slippage.

Projected Impact

This well-orchestrated liquidity incentive program is anticipated to not only boost liquidity but also to enhance the overall vibrancy and dynamism of the Pegasys ecosystem. Traders and investors will benefit from reduced slippage, enhanced price stability, and increased opportunities for engagement. In tandem, the Pegasys ecosystem will witness amplified growth, increased volume, and heightened activity, driving the protocol to new heights of innovation and engagement.

Implementation Schedule

The implementation of this proposal is structured and precise, beginning on October 25th and extending through to January of the following year. Each month, the allocation will be executed with precision, ensuring that each pool receives the stipulated amount of PSYS tokens to enhance liquidity and foster growth.

Allocation Breakdown:

  1. October 25th:
    • PSYS/SYS: 133,929 PSYS
    • PSYS/USDT: 133,929 PSYS
    • USDC/WSYS: 53,571 PSYS
    • USDT/USDC: 53,571 PSYS
  2. November 25th:
    • The same allocation is repeated.
  3. December 25th:
    • The allocation is executed again following the same structure.
  4. January 25th:
    • The final allocation, ensuring all 1.5M PSYS tokens are effectively distributed.


This second governance proposal is instrumental in actualizing our liquidity incentive program. By engaging with the community and fostering transparency in every step, we aim to strengthen the ecosystem and set a solid foundation for sustained growth and innovation. We eagerly anticipate the enhanced engagement, increased liquidity, and robust growth that will undoubtedly stem from the strategic execution of this proposal.


Your voice is pivotal. We encourage all PSYS token holders to review this proposal and vote. Together, we will sculpt the future of Pegasys, forging a path of innovation, growth, and unmatched potential.


Me parece una buena decision para dar un impulso al ecosistema. Seguimos por el buen camino. Enhorabuena equipo

Hi, this may be a silly question, but I’m reading this pinned article: Community Governance Process

… and it says if I want to vote (i.e. on this second proposal):

Our governance portal will be accessed through our main website, app.pegasys.fi through the vote tab. Votes can be delegated and cast through this portal.

… I don’t see the vote tab in Rollux Pegasys? Is it live?

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Hi PlanetCryptoX, the voting is live here https://v1.pegasys.fi/vote
I’ll update the link on the Community Governance Process article.

The rationale behind keeping the voting on L1 can be seen here PSYS Governance with the Rollux Release: L1 or L2 voting?