Listing & Incentives Support Guidelines


Welcome to our listing & liquidity support guidelines, an integral part of our commitment to maintaining healthy standards at Pegasys Finance. Our foremost priority is to ensure that every project we support aligns with our mission and meets the quality requirements our community expects.

Our AMM protocols deployed on Syscoin and Rollux are permissionless and governed by the PegasysDAO. This means that anyone is free to list whatever token they want, and this is completely outside of any individual’s or organization’s control.

On the other hand, as a DAO, we can decide how to support these listings, from marketing to liquidity incentives or even events. With that in mind, this evaluation process is designed to assess every relevant project before it receives support from the DAO. A project’s journey through our system revolves around key metrics that reflect its health, potential, and overall quality. These include elements such as the project’s intrinsic quality, team strength, liquidity pool size, community engagement, and incentive model.

We strongly believe in the importance of collective decision-making and strive to ensure that our process is free from individual biases, while also providing enough transparency to the Pegasys DAO community.

This document provides a comprehensive breakdown of our evaluation process, support tiers, commitment to safety, transparency practices, and unwavering dedication to legal compliance. By sharing these guidelines, we hope to offer a clear understanding of how we operate and the principles we uphold. We welcome you to join us in this journey of fostering growth and innovation within the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystems.

Project Assessment

Before a project is supported through Pegasys Finance, it undergoes a team evaluation process to ensure that it meets at least the bare minimum of our standards of quality and potential. This evaluation is based on a set of crucial metrics that are indicative of a project’s overall health and viability. These metrics include the quality of the project, the strength and expertise of the team, the size of the liquidity pool (LP), the engagement and size of the community, and the effectiveness of the incentive model.

Each of these metrics is scored on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 indicating the lowest and 5 representing the highest level of satisfaction or adequacy. The scores for each metric are then summed to calculate the project’s cumulative score, which forms the basis for further action.

It is imperative that at least two team members mutually agree on the scores assigned to each metric. Additionally, the final decision on whether or not to support a project, based on the cumulative score, must be made during a meeting with a quorum of at least three members. This ensures that the assessment is balanced, objective, and free from individual biases.

  1. Quality: Quality assesses the overall robustness and innovation of the project. A high-quality project demonstrates unique features and a solid development foundation.
  2. Team: The team metric evaluates the experience and competence of the project’s leadership and staff. A strong team has a proven track record and relevant expertise in the field.
  3. LP size: LP size refers to the size of the liquidity pool on listing/TGE; it is an indicator of market depth and stability. A large LP size shows that the project has substantial backing and less susceptibility to price volatility.
  4. Community: This metric gauges the engagement and size of the project’s user base. A vibrant community indicates enthusiasm and support, which can contribute to the project’s long-term success.
  5. Incentives model: The incentives model evaluates the mechanisms used to reward participants and stakeholders, mostly aimed toward liquidity and volume growth. An effective incentives model aligns the interests of all parties involved, promoting long-term growth and sustainability.

It’s good to note that the same token may be assessed multiple times under different timings, considering a particular project may mature over time and move up/down the assessment score rank.

Safety & Concerns

The Pegasys team must remain vigilant and exercise due diligence at all times to safeguard the integrity of Pegasys Finance and protect our community. It is imperative that we actively look out for any signs of scammers, pump-and-dump schemes, or any form of fraudulent or malicious activity from projects seeking to be supported.

This includes but is not limited to, scrutinizing whitepapers for inconsistencies, verifying the legitimacy of team members, and monitoring social media for artificial hype or manipulated community engagement. Under any circumstance, we must never compromise on security and ethics. By identifying and acting against these red flags early, we can maintain a safe and reputable platform free from the tarnishing of bad actors and nefarious activities that are unfortunately common in the niche.

Support Tiers

Based on assessment grade (from 5 to 25), these are the action we take as Pegasys to support a project:

Marketing Support

0-5: No marketing support

Projects that score between 0 and 5 do not meet the minimum criteria for listing support and will not receive any support. Since Pegasys pools are permissionless, any project can still launch its own pools and leverage our protocol.

6-9: Like + Follow + Retweet

Projects that score between 6 and 9 will receive minimal support, which includes liking, following, and retweeting one of their posts on social media, usually the post that outlines launch dates or any relevant details for the integration with Pegasys.

10-14: Tweet + Ecosystem (Retweet + Follow)

Projects that score between 10 and 14 will receive moderate support, which includes creating a tweet about them on the official socials, and having it retweeted by the ecosystem accounts (this isn’t something we directly control, but we’ll definitely push for key ecosystem actors such as Syscoin, Rollux, Pali…), and following their account, alongside previously listed support actions.

15-19: Hype Build (multiple tweets until listing)

Projects that score between 15 and 19 will receive substantial support through hype building, which includes multiple tweets leading up to their listing and community support on Pegasys channels to better align with our users, alongside previously listed support actions.

20-25: Blog post/ PR

Projects that achieve the highest scores, between 20 and 25, will receive maximum support, including a dedicated blog post and/or a press release to publicize their listing, alongside previously listed support actions.

Token Support

0-9: No token support

Projects that score between 0 and 9 do not meet the minimum criteria for any token-based support.

10-17: Moderate token support

Projects that score between 10 and 17 will receive moderate support, which may include PSYS allocated towards AMAs, contests, and other forms of community-based events or bounties.

18-25: Farm/liquidity support

Projects that achieve the highest scores, between 18 and 25, will receive farm support within Pegasys DAO protocols, or incentives allocated towards the partner’s protocol (or other third-party platforms) to drive usage, and consequently, liquidity towards Pegasys.

Specific PSYS amounts allocated to each partner will vary depending on the project’s requirements, market timing, incentives availability, as well as a variety of other case-specific factors. Modeling any numerical guidelines at this governance maturity level might be too precipitated.

Transparency and Reporting

As a DAO, we place great emphasis on transparency as a cornerstone of trust with our community and project partners. To uphold this commitment, we will publish token assessment breakdowns for each project that undergoes our evaluation process. These reports will be made available on our governance platform,

This ensures that our community has a clear understanding of the factors that influence support decisions. Additionally, we encourage our community members to actively participate in discussions and provide feedback through the governance platform. This open line of communication is vital for maintaining the integrity of Pegasys Finance and for continually refining our assessment criteria and processes.

Legal and Compliance

PegasysDAO holds a strong commitment to operating within the bounds of the law and ensuring that projects associated with our platform comply with relevant regulations. As part of this commitment, it is important to clarify that Pegasys Finance’s support on social media and other channels does not constitute an official endorsement of a project, either legally or practically unless explicitly stated. Our social media interactions are meant to provide information and engage with the community, and should not be construed as a formal backing or verification of a project’s legality or compliance.

Furthermore, projects seeking to be supported by Pegasys Finance are expected to fulfill the corresponding local compliance requirements and any other applicable regulations. This includes but is not limited to, anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations, securities laws, and data protection legislation. It is essential for projects to adhere and respect to these regulations under their own responsibility, and we may require further clarifications to make sure a particular team is doing so.

For users and participants of Pegasys Finance, it is imperative to exercise their own due diligence and conduct compliance analysis before engaging with any project listed on our platform. Users should assess the risks involved and ensure that by participating, they are not contravening any local laws or regulations. Being an informed and responsible participant is crucial for the protection of individual interests and for the sustainability of the broader ecosystem.

Lastly, Pegasys reserves the right to delete tweets and take appropriate actions against any project found to be in violation of legal and compliance requirements post-listing. The legal landscape is dynamic, and regulations may change; thus, projects are expected to maintain ongoing compliance.

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to recognize the pivotal role that thorough project assessments and the subsequent support tiers play in the growth and integrity of Pegasys. This involves a multifaceted approach, including evaluating project metrics, ensuring legal compliance, and engaging transparently with our community.

We believe that Pegasys Finance is a component of a broader network, including the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystems. Through our standardized assessment process, we aspire to contribute positively to these ecosystems by facilitating the integration of projects that are innovative, compliant, and community-driven. Our vision is to see Pegasys as a catalyst for growth and innovation within the Syscoin and Rollux communities.

Furthermore, our DAO appreciates and values the insights and feedback from our community. We understand that our community is an indispensable asset, and your input is essential in shaping and refining our processes. We are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism, and we encourage the community to engage with us actively through our governance platform and social media channels.

In closing, we extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who contributes to the Pegasys ecosystem. Your support, engagement, and feedback are the foundations upon which we build. We hope that these guidelines will bring tangible value to Pegasys Finance, and, by extension, to the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystems.

Together, let us cultivate an environment that is innovative, transparent, and bound by a shared vision for excellence.


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