[PGP003] Liquidity Incentives balance changes

General Project Information

  • Project Name: Update on Liquidity Pool Incentives - Pegasys Farms
  • Proposal Version: 1.0
  • Proposal Manager: @david
  • Date: November 1st, 2023


PegasysDAO is always evolving to adapt to the dynamic DeFi landscape and the needs of our community. In light of recent developments and in response to LayerSwap’s integration of a new bridge to Rollux, we are proposing an update to the allocation of liquidity incentives across our Pegasys Farms pools. This proposal aims to redistribute the monthly allocation to accommodate a new pool and better support the influx of new users bridging their ETH to Rollux.

Proposal: Redistribution of Liquidity Incentives

PGP003 is a strategic adjustment to our previous liquidity incentive plan. With the successful integration of LayerSwap’s bridge to Rollux, which facilitates the seamless transfer of ETH into our ecosystem, we recognize the necessity to add a new SYS/ETH pool to our Farms. Consequently, this requires an update in the allocation of the PSYS tokens across all pools to ensure a balanced and vibrant liquidity environment.

The proposed new monthly allocations for each pool are as follows:


The addition of the SYS/ETH pool is a direct response to the growing trend of ETH holders looking to engage with the Rollux ecosystem. By providing liquidity incentives for this new pool, we aim to capitalize on the increased traffic and ensure that new users experience the best of what Pegasys has to offer. The revised allocations for existing pools are designed to maintain a healthy liquidity balance across the board, reflecting the new dynamics introduced by the ETH bridge.


This proposal, if approved, will be enacted immediately. The liquidity incentives will be monitored closely, and adjustments will be made as necessary to ensure the intended effects on liquidity and user engagement are achieved.

Projected Impact

The redistribution of liquidity incentives, along with the introduction of the new SYS/ETH pool, is expected to foster a more inclusive and attractive environment for ETH users on Rollux. It will encourage deeper liquidity, better price stability, and an overall enhanced user experience, which in turn should lead to increased adoption and growth for Pegasys.


  • For: Agree with the updated allocation and addition of the SYS/ETH pool.
  • Against: Disagree with the proposal or recommend further adjustments.
  • Abstain: Choose not to vote but acknowledge the proposal.


We are committed to continuously refining our liquidity incentive strategies to align with the evolving needs of our platform and its users. By voting on this proposal, the PegasysDAO community has a direct hand in shaping our ecosystem to be more welcoming and efficient for all users, especially those newly transitioning from ETH through LayerSwap’s bridge to Rollux.

The voting period will begin on November 2nd and end on November 5th. We look forward to your active participation in this decision-making process.


For: Agree with the updated allocation and addition of the SYS/ETH pool.

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Addition of the SYS/ETH to the pool
Keep on doing great work :+1: